Saturday, 10 March 2018

Procedures Followed Out at an IVF Clinic

IVF has become more popular for infertility treatment as compare to other treatments. There are plenty of IVF clinics which can be seen around us nowadays. Due to increase in the problem of infertility the couples are getting fed-up and disappointed. But, there is a quote that “where there is a hope, there is a shine always”. Same thing with the treatment of infertility, which is for those people who are not happy, for them the First Step IVF clinic, brings a new hope to couples having fertility issues. Dr Priti Gupta who is the best infertility specialist in Delhi mentions few steps which are looked out at the clinic.

A few steps which are carried out at this clinic are mentioned below:

Monitoring Ovaries:

Firstly, the ovaries are ended with dormant or stopped for a while. This is done to get the improved time and reply to the pills.

Hormonal Stimulation via IVF:

After monitoring the ovaries the hormonal injection is given. In this process the ovaries are directly monitored so that the eggs are not composed before the compilation period. After this women is asked to check her cycle and sample of her blood is also taken to check the hormone levels of females like estrogens etc. 

Ovarian Spur: 

Throughout the treatment when the dropped hormone levels are detected along with the uterus lining thinning. After this the FSH injection is given to stimulate the ovaries. 

Ejaculation of Sperm: 

In this process the husband of a woman is told to give the sperm in a container or bottle so that it can be used to produce fertilization of eggs. However, there is a complete solution for male sexual problems in Delhi to get rid of low sperm count problem.

Recovery of Egg: 

The production of the egg is strongly monitored closely by an IVF Doctor and it is quite followed up daily under strict medications. We have best IVF specialist in Delhi who can recover the damaged eggs and check the formation of eggs thoroughly. 


The egg is fertilized by subsequent assured instructions wherein the motile sperm is allowed to combine with the egg in an atmospherically controlled hall.

Implantation and Transfer of Embryo: 

To permit the uterus inside liner to receive an origin or embryo, the patient is given progesterone injections regularly. The most excellent embryo that is chosen through an embryo grading and rating is moved to the mother’s uterus. The embryo is entrenched successfully and after two weeks a test will be done to detect pregnancy to find out a successful fetus development.
How much days are essential for the treatment?

It takes around 8 to 12 days for the general process and does not require hospital stay.

The test tube baby hospital starts with giving medicines to developing healthy eggs. 

The process needs physical and emotional strength to endure the pressure of the procedure. Also, it needs everyday visits to the IVF clinics like First Step IVF.

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