Saturday, 11 November 2017

What is Test Tube Baby in IVF?

Test tube baby still sounds like a term from a science fiction but it is has been made a reality a long time back. Modern medical techniques have enabled doctors to extract healthy eggs from female body and fertilize it outside in a lab and then complete the pregnancy process.
Test tube baby is a term used for babies born through IVF procedure, IVF stands for In Vitro Fertilization which is used for infertile couples who are unable to conceive and have babies on their own due to some problem in their reproductive system. Nowadays, so many IVF clinics can be found. IVF clinic in India like First Step IVF has top-notch specialists to treat infertility.

In the IVF procedure, the female is given special medications to allow her to prepare health cells in her ovaries, which are regularly checked through ultrasound. After this, a special procedure is performed through which multiple healthy cells are extracted from the female body. These eggs are then carefully stored in the lab where they brought in contact with male sperms in a test tube so that they can fuse and fertilize. In this procedure, First Step IVF is best IVF clinic as compare to other clinics because they follow modern procedures. 

After the fertilization is complete then the female is again given some medications to prepare her body for pregnancy. When the female body is ready another procedure is performed through which the fertilized egg is placed back in the woman's uterus. After which the pregnancy process is complete and then the women go through the normal pregnancy period of 9 months and the child is born. First Step IVF has won various awards as one of the best and leading infertility clinic in India as compared to others. 

It is a miraculous assisted pregnancy procedure which has helped millions of infertile couples around the world to conceive and have babies. We can be thankful that we are born in a generation where procedures like IVF are available and everyone can start their family and continue their family tree.

First Step IVF test tube baby center in New Delhi is one of those select infertility clinics in India which offer IVF technology, they have the best set of specialized doctors who have performed multiple procedures and delivered hundreds of babies in their career.

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

What are the major causes of increasing men’s sexual problems?

Sexual problems have become very common these days, both men and women suffer from this but its men who go though comparably more trouble. Sexual problems are basically related to dysfunction of reproductive organs which negatively affects the performance during sexual intercourse.

Male Sexual problems can be classified into two categories, first the problems due to physical causes and second the problems due to psychological causes.

Physical causes:

Physical causes of sexual problems can be an injury on penis or testicles, heart and vascular disease which is affecting the blood flow in the penis. Neurological disorders, kidney and liver problems can also cause sex problems in male.   

Alcohol consumption and smoking are also known to negatively affect sex life, alcohol decreases the testosterone levels which is the hormone responsible feeling of excitement and manliness in male which causes loss in desire for sex.

Other reasons include drug abuse and side effects from medications. Common medications like antidepressants and diabetes can cause loss of interest in sex.

Psychological reasons:

Psychological problems like stress anxiety and depression, feeling of guilt, nervousness and concern about performance, over thinking and past sexual trauma can cause problems like premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.

So these were the two major causes of sexual problems in male, these problems can also lead to male infertility.  Fortunately most of these problems can be prevented or treated with proper guidance and cure.

Male sexual problem patients are suggested to see an Andrologist who is a doctor specialized in men’s sexual problems and fertility issues. On a visit an Andrologist will perform some physical tests which will include the whole body and the reproductive parts; he could also prescribe lab tests to diagnose the problem. Once the problem is diagnosed the doctor will suggest the right medication, consultations and surgery if needed.

First Step IVF is one of the most trusted Male sexual problem clinic in West Delhi, Apart from male sexual problem west Delhi it is also an infertility and test tube baby center with experienced set of doctors.

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Some Common Psychological Causes of Sexual Dysfunction in Men

There are so many psychological reasons behind sexual dysfunction in men which includes anxiety or tension about performance while having sex. It also affects marital life and relationship. Guilt, harsh or depressed feelings also affects a man psychologically and results in unsatisfied sexual activities.
There are thousands of males who are affected by stress and work that further results in sexual problems which cannot be cured easily. But, you don’t need to worry about it because one of the best male sexual problem clinics west Delhi will help you in getting out of this chronic disease. Reduced sexual desire in many men has been observed by many specialists. This is due to long working hours, lack of proper diet, over dosage of various medications etc. Major problems nowadays that men are facing are discharge of semen with urine, nightfall, ED, premature ejaculation, lack of sex etc.
The male sexual problem west Delhi clinic always there to help those males who are facing such issues or dysfunction while sexual intercourse. Although for these problems, people prefer least or no discussions with other, they can consult the experts to get the solution to their sexual problems.

How diet affects a men’s sexual life?
There is a major role of diet in men’s sexual life. The balanced diet not only increase males sperm count but it also helps in maintaining the overall nutrition and immune level of the body. 
Fast food or unhealthy diet may affect the quality and quantity of sperm.

Urological problems also affect the sexual life quite adversely. Expert Andrologist inWest Delhi like Dr. Manu Gupta recommends every male to consult immediately with a specialist Doctor if they come across any kind of sexual or urological problems.

Friday, 19 May 2017

How to Reduce the Adverse Effect of Stress on Your Fertility Levels

If you are facing difficulty in conceiving then remember stress may be the first factor for it. If you have had your fertility tests done in the past and still there is not any problem and all tests are OK then this time you should evaluate your lifestyle and discuss about how much stress and anxiety problem you are facing.  So, start working on to control your stress immediately to become fertile.

Diminishing the level of stress in your life is very significant on various levels.  This will not only improve your health, but also increase the fertility ratio of human body.  This is true that many people are facing stress problems because they have stressful profiles in which they are not able to adapt it properly.  So, it’s better to change a job.  Low cost IVF Vikaspuri tells here some useful tips to deal with your stress effectively.

1). You should change your habits on reacting to any stressful or tensed situations. Proper attention should be pay towards your reaction to stressful situation. Do you face sleep problems? Do you have any fear about what could happened in the near future? Getting proper control over this situation on how you react will be having a big impact on your body. It means what will happen inside body when a stressful situation occurs.  This may take some time, but it will help us to better manage our lifestyle in right way.
Many males face sexual problems because of unbalanced lifestyle and use of fertilizers in their diet. This problem has solution. The male sexual problem treatment in vikaspuri is done by experienced experts like Dr. Manu Gupta. He is a renowned andrologist in vikaspuri who provides feasible solution to any problem related to UTIs and Male fertility treatments.

2). Practice Yoga daily to reduce stress. This is one of the powerful natural remedy for everyone to get rid of almost hundred’s of problem together. Because Yoga has power and spiritual conditions which gives positive vibrations in our body and thus it helps in reducing tension and anxiety nicely.

3. Make sure to sleep at least for 8 hours daily. It makes you feel refreshed and strong.

4). Consume green vegetables, fresh fruits and juices daily.

5). Have positive attitude towards life.

6). Meditate on yourself. Recite lord’s name everyday and focus on your work with strong belief in yourself.

The above content is written by the team of First Step IVF. They have discussed about how to control stress effectively by following home remedies. If you are searching for any test tube baby center then contact First Step IVF as they are among the leading IVF clinics in India.