Tuesday, 19 September 2017

What are the major causes of increasing men’s sexual problems?

Sexual problems have become very common these days, both men and women suffer from this but its men who go though comparably more trouble. Sexual problems are basically related to dysfunction of reproductive organs which negatively affects the performance during sexual intercourse.

Male Sexual problems can be classified into two categories, first the problems due to physical causes and second the problems due to psychological causes.

Physical causes:

Physical causes of sexual problems can be an injury on penis or testicles, heart and vascular disease which is affecting the blood flow in the penis. Neurological disorders, kidney and liver problems can also cause sex problems in male.   

Alcohol consumption and smoking are also known to negatively affect sex life, alcohol decreases the testosterone levels which is the hormone responsible feeling of excitement and manliness in male which causes loss in desire for sex.

Other reasons include drug abuse and side effects from medications. Common medications like antidepressants and diabetes can cause loss of interest in sex.

Psychological reasons:

Psychological problems like stress anxiety and depression, feeling of guilt, nervousness and concern about performance, over thinking and past sexual trauma can cause problems like premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.

So these were the two major causes of sexual problems in male, these problems can also lead to male infertility.  Fortunately most of these problems can be prevented or treated with proper guidance and cure.

Male sexual problem patients are suggested to see an Andrologist who is a doctor specialized in men’s sexual problems and fertility issues. On a visit an Andrologist will perform some physical tests which will include the whole body and the reproductive parts; he could also prescribe lab tests to diagnose the problem. Once the problem is diagnosed the doctor will suggest the right medication, consultations and surgery if needed.

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