Saturday, 10 September 2016

Fertility Issues and its Causes

In India and around the world, probably more than 10% of women suffer from fertility issues. This has become a concurrent issue for almost all. Conceiving or sustaining pregnancy has become a fear for maximum woman nowadays. However, these problems are not only due to fertility issue with the woman but could be due to a man’s fertility issue as well. Through this write-up, we would discuss some of the major causes of fertility problems.

1.     Ovulation Problem: This is one of primary problems for infertility. This problem occurs only when the eggs does not complete mature in the ovaries and fail to release mature eggs. Irregular periods, light and heavy menstrual bleeding or other symptoms like breast tenderness and bloating are some of symptoms. It is important to manage body weight in this regard. Apart from this, it is advisable to take fertility drugs given by the doctor.

2.     Endometriosis: This problem arises when the issue that is found in the lining of the uterus grow outside the uterus. It grows usually in the abdominal area or the pelvic region. Some people have symptoms and some do not. However, often painful intercourse or periods, heavy bleeding or untimely spotting are some of the symptoms. A surgery could be an option to overcome this problem. Removal of the endometrial tissue or clearing the Fallopian tube blockage could be the solution to this.

3.     Poor Egg Quality: This is one of the primary reasons behind non-conceiving of a woman. As it is for a woman, the production of eggs reduces after the age of 35. But for some it is from the very start. Poor egg quality does not let fuse with the sperm properly and result in conceiving. There are practically no specific symptom to this but yes, one can take medicines and improve food habit to overcome this issue.

4.     Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome: PCOS or polycystic ovarian syndrome is a problem where the small follicles of the ovaries does not grow to become large to help release eggs. This often happens due to hormonal imbalance and other ovarian problems. Irregular periods is one of the primary symptoms of this problem. Apart from this, excessive body hair, acne are also a part of symptoms. To overcome this issue, it is essential to improve the lifestyle and have a healthy living. Exercise and medicinal treatments are important.

5.     Tubal Factors: Damages or blocked Fallopian tube is another major factor behind fertility issues. This prevents the sperms to reach to eggs and also prevents fertilized eggs reach to uterus. The main reason behind this is pelvic inflammatory or sometimes sexually transmitted infections. It is important to check with the doctor and if required go for surgery to come out of this trouble.

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  1. The infertility issue has become one of the major problems in India also. This is due to many reasons like smoking, drinking, fast food, junk food, lack of exercise etc. Women face these problems due to many reasons and the above give reasons are fine to describe it.